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I’m pretty sure it’s a God-thing.

Posted on Aug 20, 2011 by in Adventure, Blog, Faith | 0 comments

As I was driving into Chino this morning, I was listening to Leo Laporte on KFI.  If you’ve never heard of him, Leo is one of the top tech-reporters in the country.  On his show today, a gentleman called in with a question about live-streaming his church’s services over the internet.  Leo gave some great advice, but didn’t seem to quite grasp what the caller was really needing.  It got me to thinking.

I do a LOT of tech advising these days, some for friends with side business, but mostly for churches.  I really enjoy technology.  Yes, I would go so far as to say that I’m a Tech Geek.  And proud of it!  But my first passion is God’s Kingdom.  As a worship pastor for small/medium-sized churches (and in a down economy) one of the tricks that I’ve learned over the years is how to stretch a buck when it comes to church tech budgets WITHOUT sacrificing quality.

So, stay tuned, because I’ve got some big news in the works that I am INCREDIBLY excited about.  I really feel like God has dropped this vision in my lap.  We’ll see where it takes me, but in the meantime, I’d appreciate your prayers.


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