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Ashlynn’s Senior Portraits

Posted on Sep 24, 2011 by in Blog, Images, Images | 0 comments

Well, the first Senior Portrait of the year has been taken, and our awesome 2012 graduate is (drum roll please) Ashlynn!  For Ashlynn’s session, we headed to another new location for me, Pomona College, located, of course, in Claremont.  What an absolutely GORGEOUS location!  I’m so partial to the Arts and Crafts style of architecture, and the area surrounding Pomona College is full of gorgeous Arts and Crafts homes.  The college itself was originally designed to be an Ivy League-type institution out here on the west coast, and the original inspiration is evident in the campus architecture.  This was a perfect location for Ashlynn, who really embodies a more bygone era.  She was game for pretty much anything, so we had a lot of fun tooling around Claremont.  At one point, we were searching for Bridges Auditorium, which my GPS decided was a couple of exits down on the freeway.  Well, about halfway to the freeway, we realized that couldn’t be right, so we checked the address and directions again, only to discover that we had been about 500 feet from the building while at our previous location.  But adventure’s part of life, right?

Okay, enough chatting!  On to the beautiful Ashlynn!







Oooh…one more thing.  These are the first pictures I’ve taken with my new Canon T3.  So glad I upgraded!

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