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The Ninja Engagement Session

Posted on Dec 25, 2012 by in Adventure, Blog, Images, Images | 0 comments

I have a dear friend and co-worker named Kim. She’s my office neighbor, an expert conversationalist about random things, owner of a great laugh, and a fantastic bowling buddy.  So, one day last week, she asked me if I knew where the caricature artist at Downtown Disney was.  Now, I’m not usually surprised at the random Disney questions I get asked, since I am a huge Disneyland buff, but that one was a little out there.  However, I said that yes, I did know, and proceeded to tell her how to get there.  She then asked if I could go down and take photos of an engagement that was going to happen Saturday at 2:00.  I put it in my phone and said that I thought I could make that.

Saturday arrived, and that morning found me at the Memorial Service for the mother of a long-time family friend.  The service took a little longer than I had anticipated, and I began to worry that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the engagement on time. I texted Kim with the bad news, but then, I was able to get home, grab my gear, and be at the DTD parking lot by 1:45. Then, just as I thought I was good to go, the Disneyland holiday traffic reared its ugly head.  500 ft from the entrance to the parking lot, and I was stopped.  So close, yet so far.  But by God’s grace, some quick lane changes, and a lot of hustle I made it to the aforementioned caricature kiosk.  As tourist-y as I tried to look, I still got some curious looks from this couple getting their portrait done.  Little did they know I was there for them!  A few minutes later, I heard this beautiful Blonde exclaim, “I knew it!”  And then:



She said yes.

Congratulations!  May God bless your new life together in rich and amazing ways!

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