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When Pride and Stupidity Get in the Way…

Posted on Jun 9, 2005 by in Blog, Faith | 0 comments

I was on my way into work this morning, and Lonestar’s “Let’s Be Us Again” came on the radio.  I was listening to the lyrics and they got me to thinking.  I hate when that happens.

It made me think about love and marriage and dating, which is a dangerous place for me to go, but I ventured in anyway, and the thought occurred to me that too often in our relationships, romantic and platonic, we forget the importance of the other person.  Even if you’re just dating someone, cherish them.  They should know that you are actively concerned for their wellbeing.  Love is not just mushy mushy baby talk stuff; it’s active concern for someone’s wellbeing.  The object of your love should know that there is a safe place in your heart.  Women, we do not do a good enough job of making sure the men in our lives know that they are safe with us.  We all long for the knight in shining, white armor to come and provide us with safety, but guys need to know that they’re safe, too.  We all want to put our guys up on this pedestal made of armored steel, thinking that they are strong and safe, but they need to know that when they fall (not if-we’re all human) that there is a safe place for them to fall.  Stop being critical of the men in your life.  Stop harping on them.  Appreciate them.  Cherish them, and make sure they know it.  Why are we all so full of pride that we don’t show our appreciation?

To all my guy friends: I appreciate you more than I can say. I want you to know that I am blessed to know you, work alongside you, and call you friends.  You all teach me daily what men of God look like.  You make me long to find a guy as good as each of you are.  And even when I see your faults (which of course is hardly ever!), I see them in respect to your relationship with your Father and know that you are a work in progress.  I see God molding and shaping you into something of even greater value than you are now.

My heart is so full of awe today.  I cannot believe how blessed I am to have men in my life who are men of character and faith.  I love you all so much.

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