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LIVE BLOG: Theory Hazit Video Shoot

Posted on Mar 29, 2009 by in Faith, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Okay, so I’m going to try my hand at this live blogging thing.  Tonight is the Theory Hazit concert and video shoot at Westside with special guests DJ Efechto (woot!) and Elias from Scribbling Idiots.  Doors open at 6:30.  Concert starts at 7:00.  For more info, check out

9:06 PM: Well, that’s the end of our show.  Ron just announced that this is the start of a bunch of monthly shows here at Westside.  The Hip Hop Revolution is hitting Westside!!!  Thanks to Theory Hazit for starting us off right!  And a big, giant thanks to Ron aka DJ Efechto for all the hard work he put into this concert.  That’s it for me, party people.  Mahan, OUT!

8:57 PM: Oooo…tag team rap!

8:42 PM: Alright, gather in close.  It’s time for some testimonies!

8:13 PM: The question of names has been answered. We have Theo Reed (Sounds like Raid) Washington in the house.  Apparently there’s an accent on his middle name, but I didn’t get the exact spelling.

8:00 PM: MC Dave is up and he’s profound.  You know, I’ve never been much for rap, but this is pretty cool, I have to say.  Time for Theory Hazit!

7:46 PM: Ha! A bunch of our Jr. Highers are learning how to breakdance now.  Awesome….I know I’m gonna see this on Wednesday night now!

7:43 PM: DJ Efechto SOLO!

7:31 PM: Wicked breakdancing!

Breakdance Time

Breakdance Time

7:26 PM: This girl is amazing!!!  Absolutely beautiful!!

7:22 PM: GIVE IT UP FOR DJ EFECHTO!!!!  We’re starting things off with some spoken word poetry courtesy of Jade!

7:05 PM: Theory Hazit is in the house!  Let’s get this party started!

6:45 PM: Question…If introduced to Theory Hazit, should we address him as Theory or Mr. Hazit?

6:31 PM: The break dance floor is going down and some of the guys are warming up.  We’re slowly filling up the worship center.  Jen and I were just commenting on how awesome it is that God gives us all such different passions and then uses them to bring people to Him.  He’s a pretty smart God.

5:36 PM: I’ve been here since 3:15 helping to get set up.  All the pews are out of the sanctuary and it’s out of control.  I LOVE it!  The guys are getting ready to sound check.  It’s gonna be LOUD…I dig it.  I’m stocked up on caffeine and have another coffee energy drink waiting in the bottle fridge in the nursery.  I’m ready.  Let’s get this party started!

Before the show starts

Before the show starts

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