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Reason #9768 Why Coffee is Awesome

Posted on Jul 8, 2010 by in Faith | 0 comments

I have had such a morning.  It took me almost an hour to get to work this morning.  I hit every red light, train, and messed up traffic signal in Yorba Linda, I think.  Ridiculous.  Since I was feeling pretty irritated and frustrated to begin with this morning, I was having a seriously awesome day! (That last sentence should be read with an extra STRONG dose of sarcasm.)

But then the coolest thing happened.  I decided to stop for coffee at the Coffee Bean by church and there was this older couple inside.  The lady was very  sweet and told me to go ahead of them because they had nothing to do and had all the time in the world.   So after I ordered, I turned to the lady and told her how she had absolutely made my morning.  Then, as I was waiting for my drink, her husband began to chat with me.  He asked my name and if I was married.  When I replied that I wasn’t, he expressed his surprise, asked how old I was, and made a remark about me being a “beautiful broad.”

We chatted for a few moments more, but by then my drink was ready and my phone began to ring, so I had to excuse myself and leave.  I cannot tell you how much I needed that encounter this morning.   Clem and his wife were absolutely the arms of Jesus to me this morning.  I got in my car and began sobbing.   Just to be seen by someone was exactly what I needed today.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to think that we are sitting down here and that maybe God is too busy or doesn’t care about us, but it’s encounters like the one I had this morning that remind me that God really does see.  Just when we think we are absolutely alone, God drops us into little situations to remind us of His great love for us.

It’s a reminder for us, too.  A reminder that we have the responsibility as  children of God to always be on the lookout for ways where we can be an encouragement to someone.  It’s a reminder that we should show kindness whenever possible, and to look at the world through God-tinted lenses.

Be encouraged today, my friends.  God is still God and He sees us, no matter our circumstances.  He is our ever-present help in time of trouble.

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