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Senior Portraits: Kayla

Posted on Apr 23, 2014 by in Blog, Images, Images | 0 comments

Kayla FB Collage

Meet Kayla! She’s adorable, talented (as her music teacher I may be a little biased!), smart, and graduating from High School.  It’s always a privilege when I get the opportunity to photograph multiple family members; her sister, Christina, graduated last year.  When this girl goes off to college, I will be so sad.  She is a bubbly barrel of energy and fun, and it’s been my joy to be her piano and voice teacher for the last several years.  It was also a BLAST to shoot her senior portraits on a gorgeous day in Newport Beach.  Hey, any excuse for going to the beach on a perfect Spring day, right?

KMVE_0021 KMVE_0028 KMVE_0051 KMVE_0054 KMVE_0082 KMVE_0084 KMVE_0099 KMVE_0126 KMVE_0128 KMVE_0137 KMVE_0151 KMVE_0170 KMVE_0176 KMVE_0186 KMVE_0221 KMVE_0222 KMVE_0249 KMVE_0250 KMVE_0255 KMVE_0260 KMVE_0260BW KMVE_0266 KMVE_0280 KMVE_0292 KMVE_0294 KMVE_0301


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