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The Nature and Character of God

Posted on May 19, 2005 by in Blog, Faith | 0 comments

Today was the annual KKLA Minister Appreciation breakfast on board the Queen Mary. It’s generally really neat because they give us food and free stuff. The only catch is that we have to listen to a speaker. Today’s speaker was Dr. John MacArthur. Can I just say that I learned more about the nature and character of God in one hour than I learned in 5 years of Bible College? It’s amazing to me what lengths God went through to ensure that we would come to a saving relationship with Him. He counted the sin that is our life to Jesus’ account, and counted His perfect life to ours. He made His Son to be Sin. He purposely separated Himself from the Son so that we could have a prayer of relationship with Him. I’m so not nearly as eloquent as Dr. MacArthur was, but I think you get my drift.

Also, I have never been more encouraged in a new direction as I have been today. Why hasn’t my church been a worshipping church? I haven’t been digging down deep into the Word. When there is no depth, there can be no height. We can never hope to enter a higher realm of worship if we don’t have roots grown deep into the Word of Truth first.

If the nature and character of God caused Him to go to extraordinary lengths to find me, I can and should do no less. I have a job to do, friends, and I have been neglectful of that job. It is a heavy responsibility that God has placed on my shoulders, and whether I am qualified or not, I must do what God will do through me in order to build His kingdom.
And so should you.

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